Make Windows startup faster with Soluto

Does your Windows takes long to load, even after having made a defragmentation of the disk? To speed up the loading time of Windows we’ll have to manage the applications that start along with the OS, and those that eat more resources.

Soluto is a Windows-compatible application with which we can speed up the Windows startup by detecting applications that slow down Windows. Soluto collects data from its users and generates statistics in order to detect those applications that slow down the computer.

The first time you run Soluto it will scan your system for the applications and processes that are running, classifying them into 3 categories: No-brainer, potentially removable and needed (not removable). If we on any application that’s running will see some info on it like name, how much resources it’s using, and as a tip it tells you what did the other users do with that application.

Soluto also provides us with a statistical graph to see the evolution of the performance of the PC ever since it was installed. The application displays a friendly interface and it looks great aesthetically.

Finally, when your PC starts to slow down or tries to hang, you can right click on the icon of Soluto located in the system tray and click on ‘My Computer frustrates me’ to know which applications are those that are slowing down the system and kill them.

Link | Download Windows Solute

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mail kevecom hu does soluto slow down windows start? mail brainpr net loc:es